Inca Dove Bird in the winter garden.


2 cropped-Inca Dove Bird Fine Art Photographybird portrait, fine art,


One of my favorite thing to do is ‘bird watching’ in my garden. I spotted on these flock of birds sitting on our Montezuma tree branch and gathered tightly together to endure cold weather on this particular day.

I took this one through the window from inside.  I took several of photos of them when they changed their sitting position differently.  This is the one of from them.  I didn’t know until this moment what kind of bird were these.  I found that through the research and there are several different kinds of ‘love’ in the world.   Not likely as the common dove, Inca Dove has a unique feather and the coloring on them.  I will upload more photos of the close shot of them to show how they look.  They, now hang around my garden almost every day and  I think these birds are so special.